Where We Work

Alaska remains one of the last pristine wilderness areas in the country. Defenders of Wildlife is committed to keeping it that way.
The Golden state is home to millions of wild birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and fish that need our help.
Sage-Grouse, Photo: USFWS Pacific Southwest Region
This office works to restore and protect imperiled wildlife and habitats in Washington, Oregon and Idaho
Bison, © Walter Novak
With large swaths of undeveloped land and some of America’s biggest native animals, the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains provide the last best wildlife habitat in the lower 48 for many species.
Florida Panther,  © SuperStock
The variety of landscapes and habitats in the southeast – from Florida’s lagoons to North Carolina’s forests – makes for an equally awe-inspiring variety of wildlife.
Our Southwest team works to protect rare and threatened species like Mexican wolves, jaguars and ocelots.
US Capitol Building, © Architect of the Capitol
From our headquarters in Washington, D.C., Defenders works directly with federal agencies, members of Congress, and other government officials to advocate on behalf of wildlife and wild places across the U.S. and around the world.