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Give the gift that lasts all year long! This limited time holiday offer sends your loved one 12 precious wildlife adoptions throughout 2016!
© Kelsey Schwenk
Elephant, © Kelsey Schwenk
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Poachers are slaughtering endangered animals to fuel illegal international trade. You can help us shut down U.S. wildlife trafficking with your monthly gift today!
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Sea Turtle, © Christina Albright-Mundy
On the Blog
Wildlife trafficking affects a vast number of species around the globe. But by looking at what types of species, products, and trade routes traffickers use most often, we can advocate for the most efficient use of resources to combat this devastating trade.
polar bears, © Daniel Hatch
On the Blog
In remote Alaska, we’re testing the next generation of polar bear resistant food storage containers. Keeping polar bears out of human communities keeps both bears and people safe.
Bison with calf, © Diana LeVasseur
On the Blog
This year, another location has joined the list of places restoring wild bison! Ten bison, descendants of wild Yellowstone National Park bison, were reintroduced to Soapstone Prairie Natural Area, in Colorado.