The War On Wolves
Wolf, © Larry Travis
War on Wolves, Photo: Mark Miller

Idaho's War On Wolves

What is wrong with Idaho? The state demanded the chance to manage wolves within their borders, but they’re blowing it.

Listen to what Idaho’s residents are saying about Governor Otter’s war on wolves.



Idaho must be stopped - before it is too late.

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The War on Wolves Infographic - Defenders of Wildlife

Since 2009, Idaho has killed 1,470 wolves and reduced the number of breeding pairs by 59 percent. They have gunned wolves down from helicopters, hired professional gunmen to kill entire packs in wilderness areas, and drastically weakened hunting and trapping regulations to kill as many wolves as possible.

And sadly, they’re just getting started.

  • They’ve recently established a wolf killing fund, funded by two million taxpayer dollars, to kill hundreds of Idaho’s wolves.
  • They’ve proposed a new management plan which calls for killing up to 60 percent of the wolves in the Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness.

The purpose of these new killing programs is to drive Idaho’s wolf population down to as low as 150 wolves, thrusting the population perilously close to relisting under the Endangered Species Act.




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