Defenders in the Southwest

Our Top Priorities

Defenders’ Southwest Office works to restore and protect wildlife and habitats in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico, an area that encompasses the southern Rocky Mountains, the northern Sierra Madre mountains and the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts, hosting a spectacular diversity of landscapes, plants and animals. 

Related Species

Mexican gray wolf, jaguar, ocelot, pygmy owl, Sonoran pronghorn, Mexican spotted owl, yellow-billed cuckoo, Patagonia eyed silkmoth, freshwater fish

What Defenders Is Doing to Help Wildlife in the Southwest

  • Supporting recovery efforts for the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf
  • Working to ensure renewable energy projects are developed in a way that protects native wildlife and habitats
  • Partnering with organizations to help recover jaguars and ocelots in the northernmost part of their range in southern Arizona and northern Sonora, Mexico
  • Developing innovative programs and incentives to help people coexist with wildlife
  • Advocating for land use policies and special designations to protect habitats and vital corridors for a wide range of species 

Contact the Southwest Office

100 N Stone Ave
Suite 807
Tucson, AZ 85701
Phone: (520) 623-9653
Fax: (520) 623-0447

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