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© Christine Haines
Katami National Park, © Christine Haines
Defenders of Wildlife believes in the inherent value of wildlife and the natural world, regardless of utilitarian or aesthetic value to humankind.
© Julia Chen
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Our Southwest team works to protect rare and threatened species like Mexican wolves, jaguars and ocelots.
© Maria Elena Sanchez
Scarlet macaw, © Maria Elena Sanchez
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After being wiped out from the region more than 50 years ago, scarlet macaws are finally flying free in the Gulf of Mexico!

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scalloped hammerhead, © Terry Goss 2008/Marine Photobank
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Plenty of work remains to protect the oceans' apex predators, but for the first time, a shark has been listed under the Endangered Species Act!
Sage-grouse, © Tatiana Gettelman
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In the rugged, open scrublands of east-central Montana lives the sage-grouse, a plucky bird that once thrived across the sagebrush sea. Today, however, the population is plummeting from habitat loss.