Defenders Magazine

Fall 2010

Volume 85, Issue 4


As I write this, I can hear lions roaring near our camp in Duba in the swamps of the Okavango in Botswana. Magical things happen when lions roar in the wild. The first call sets all other living things in the savanna on high alert. As the second and third and fourth lions start up, and the first one roars again, suddenly you can’t tell if it is four lions or ten. It is an eruption of sound like a crowd spontaneously bursting into song. But most of all, it is a call that stitches the fabric of the night together and completes it.


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is a natural treasure, yet five decades after its founding it remains vulnerable.
Fresh snow covered the ground on a cold day last March as Marvin Moriarty trudged up the short, steep hill to the entrance of the Greeley Mine in Stockbridge, Vermont, to see first-hand the effects of white-nose syndrome in bats.
Steps the government needs to take before removing wolves from the endangered species list.
Treefrogs, African icons, penguins, baboons and lizards make the news
These endangered canines closely resemble wolves in their pack-oriented social structure.
A federal court sided with Defenders, ruling this summer that the wolf delisting plan illegally removed federal protections from wolves.
Defenders chief scientist heads to the Gulf to document the oil spill's impact on wildlife.
At least 15 piping plover chicks fledged this year at Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
With too many wolves illegally killed, the Mexican wolf recovery program is in danger of failing.
Defenders Sues To Stop Coal Mining; Foundation Helps Defenders Protect Wildlife; Cousteau Helps Highlight Sea Otter's Plight
Citizen scientists take the road less traveled to help wildlife.
Window collisions are the leading cause of death for migratory songbirds.