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What Defenders is Doing to Help

Stopping the Bison Slaughter >>
Defenders of Wildlife is helping to find more places for bison to roam as wildlife. In Montana, we are working with Native American tribes to make room for wild bison on tribal lands, as well as putting pressure on state and federal agencies to relocate “surplus” Yellowstone bison to start herds in new areas, rather than slaughter these bison as they leave the safety of Yellowstone.

Reducing Conflicts >>
Defenders has also been working with landowners in Gardiner Basin and Hebgen Basin near the north and west entrances to Yellowstone to come up with ways to live with bison that wander outside the park. To date, Defenders has chipped in more than $100,000 for fencing and other related project costs to help restore bison to tribal lands and to allow them to wander safely outside Yellowstone.

Restoring Bison to the Great Plains >>
Defenders has been a long-time proponent of restoring Yellowstone bison to their historic home on the Great Plains, and the Native American tribes at Fort Peck and Fort Belknap Indian reservations were some of the first to offer their land for the return of bison.

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