Defenders in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains
Bison, © Walter Novak

Meet Our Team

Jonathan Proctor
Rockies and Plains Program Director (Denver, CO)

Sharon Boland
Rockies and Plains Coordinator (Denver, CO)

Kylie Paul
Rockies and Plains Representative (Missoula, MT)

Erin Edge
Rockies and Plains Representative (Missoula, MT)

Russell Talmo
Rockies and Plains Field Technician (Missoula, MT)

Steve Forrest
Senior Rockies and Plains Representative (Denver, CO) 

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Defenders in Action
Bears die when they get into trouble with people’s garbage, livestock, when they are hit by cars and trains or illegally killed. By preventing these conflicts we can keep bears alive and on the road to recovery.
How You Can Help
Each year, as wild bison wander beyond the borders of Yellowstone National Park in search of food, Montana livestock officials demand that these iconic animals be rounded up and shipped to slaughter houses to keep them out of Montana and to keep their numbers low.