Defenders Magazine

Winter 2012

Volume 87, Issue 1


The sockeye salmon breaking the surface in flashes of silver look like giant popping kernels of corn. It’s July and the fish are leaping upstream in the millions to spawn in the Bering Sea’s Bristol Bay, off the coast of southwest Alaska. With the run at its peak, anyone wading in hip boots here can feel the fish hitting and careening off both legs.


Defenders and ranchers are working together to conserve land and species.
Defenders helps wolves and ranchers coexist in the Northwest
Tiger Mail; Wolves to the Rescue: Walrus Woes in a Warming Arctic
Sautéed, buttered, battered, fried. The ways to serve up shrimp are virtually countless. But a recent study suggests that sustainable may no longer be on the menu.
Good news for polar bears; Farewell to finning
Living doesn’t come easy on the tundra. But this furry fox with a bushy blanket for a tail finds the frigid habitat fitting.
Floating effortlessly on their backs just off the Monterey Bay coast, dozens of dozing sea otters are soaking up the warm southern California sun.