The War On Wolves
Wolf, © Larry Travis
War on Wolves, Photo: Mark Miller

Bring Wolves Back to Colorado

With 97 wolves in the wild in the U.S. and fewer than 25 in Mexico, Mexican gray wolves (or lobos) are the most endangered gray wolves in the world. But that’s not stopping wildlife officials from proposing a resolution to ban their recovery in Colorado.

*Click to enlargeColorado, Now is the Time to Help Save Wolves


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During Wolf Awareness Week, we celebrate the vital role wolves play in the ecosystem, combat the misinformation that so often surrounds them, and share what you can do to help wolves survive.
Photo: Joel Sartore
How You Can Help
The war on wolves must stop. Demand an official status review of wolves in the Northern Rockies – the first step toward restoring protection!
Gray wolf, © Michael Quinton, National Geographic Stock
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Nearly a quarter century ago, L. David Mech made a pair of bold predictions about the challenges still awaiting wolves in the American West.