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© David Bolin
Wolf, © David Bolin
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The most anti-wildlife Congress in decades has gray wolves in their sights. Tell them to keep politics out of wolf recovery!
© Jan Reyniers
Manatees, © Jan Reyniers
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Today’s imperiled wildlife species are at a crossroads. Will you help them?
© Sandy Sisti
Take Action
Hundreds of wild Yellowstone bison could be slaughtered just for roaming outside the park. Tell the governor to stop this!

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November 2014 - In response to a lawsuit brought by Defenders and our conservation allies, the federal government has agreed to expand critical habitat for the world's most endangered whales.
bee © Tim Lethbridge
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Native bees play a vital role in our ecosystem – but they’re in danger. The Blue Calamintha bee can survive with our help, or disappear without it.
Success Story
December 2014 - After years of advocacy and court battles, the red knot is finally being granted the level of protection it so desperately needs.