Success Stories


Victory for Jaguars

After decades of working to support jaguar recovery and advocating for greater protections, Defenders and other conservation groups succeeded in getting the FWS to designate 1,194 square miles of much-needed jaguar critical habitat in Arizona and New Mexico, which the agency finalized in March 2014. 

Stopping a Not-So-Sunny Project

Defenders and our partners at the Patagonia Area Resource Alliance (PARA) stood up in court to defend the Mountain Empire region. The federal district court in Tucson put the brakes on a damaging exploratory drilling project in the Coronado National Forest near the town of Patagonia. The Mountain Empire region is a special part of the United States, fostering some of the greatest biodiversity in the country. We have been fighting hard to keep the “Sunnyside” project from moving forward. This project would have destructive and lasting impacts on imperiled and threatened species like the jaguar, Mexican spotted owl, ocelot, lesser long-nosed bat and yellow-billed cuckoo, and would adversely impact local residents in Patagonia. The project cannot continue to move forward without the proper review of its environmental impacts.
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