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Stopping Shark Finning >>

Defenders of Wildlife has worked for years to stop the brutal practice of shark finning, with major efforts in several U.S. states, such as California and New York.

Advocating for International Protection >>

As stronger science becomes available, more countries worldwide are recognizing the value sharks play in maintaining healthy ecosystems. However, despite the recent gains made internationally to protect shark species, there are still countries that have no finning regulations of any kind, and illegal trade and catch are notoriously hard to track and stop.

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bigeye thresher shark, © Arun Katiyar (CC BY-SA 4.0)
How You Can Help
Both the smooth hammerhead and bigeye thresher sharks have suffered disastrous decreases in population in recent years. Tell NMFS to list these imperiled sharks under the Endangered Species Act!
© Ed Gullekson
How You Can Help
Help put an end to the brutal practice of shark finning. Join us in calling on FedEx to ban all shipments of shark fins!
scalloped hammerhead, © Terry Goss 2008/Marine Photobank
Success Story
September 2014 - Five species of shark and two species of manta ray have officially gained international protection!