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Defenders announced on Aug. 20, 2010 that it will be transitioning its landmark wolf compensation program. Defenders will be providing additional support to some western states and tribes to aid in the transition as they take over compensation. The implementation of new federal legislation that provides funds to initiate state-run compensation programs will allow Defenders to focus on promoting coexistence by partnering with ranchers to prevent conflict between livestock and wolves.
In 1998, as wolves were successfully resettling in the northern Rockies, Defenders introduced a proactive conservation program to focus solely on conflict prevention. We have worked closely with ranchers; federal, state and tribal agency biologists and resource managers; researchers; and community and conservation groups to develop, field-test,promote, implement and share the costs of nonlethal wolf deterrents and best management practices for livestock in wolf country.
Gray wolves, © Jeffrey Vest
These questions and answers describe Defenders of Wildlife's unique approach to wildlife conservation and explain why we continue the fight to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies.
Information about wolves and their prey, as well as Defenders' efforts to minimize conflict.
Included are brief biographical sketches and contact information for our wolf experts working in the Northern Rockies.
Gray Wolf, © Angelique Rea
This document addresses some of the more common myths about wolves in an attempt to clear the air, cultivate greater respect for these native animals, and increase awareness of the wolf's proper place in the ecosystem.
Fact sheet about the Endangered Species Reward Fund. Includes a list of rewards offered.
2009 Northern Rockies Wolf Recovery Map
Gray Wolf, © Angelique Rea
Carnivore Conservation in a Changing World: Preliminary Session Schedule