BLM & Borderlands

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administers more than 245 million acres of public lands in 12 western states.

These magnificent landscapes are home to iconic species like sage-grouse, pronghorn, and desert tortoise.  Like the Forest Service, BLM manages these lands for multiple uses including timber development, oil and gas, mining in addition to wildlife protection.  And like those administered by the Forest Service, these lands and animals are under constant threat from congressional efforts to undermine wildlife protection in the name of promoting more industrial development on BLM lands.

Defenders of Wildlife works to oppose legislation that would further undermine protections for wildlife and lands along both the northern and southern borders under the guise of national security. Congress has granted the Secretary of Homeland Security the right to waive all federal, state and local laws to build what is so far nearly 700 miles of wall and vehicle barriers along the U.S./Mexican border. These lands include federal BLM areas, national parks and wildlife refuges. Wildlife including jaguars, ocelot, bighorn sheep, Sonoran pronghorn, and hundreds of bird species depend on these lands.  


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Environmental programs are vital to efforts in our nation to protect the last vestiges of our magnificent natural heritage and to pass on a clean, healthy and vibrant environment to our children.
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