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With engaging stories and spectacular photography, Defenders of Wildlife's magazine provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look at what biologists and conservationists are doing to protect imperiled wild animals and plants.

Our magazine also offers tips on how readers and their families can learn more about native wildlife and join in efforts to save endangered species.

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Grizzly Bear, © Tom Mangelsen
The grizzly’s recovery is remarkable, but there’s still work to be done.
Wolves of Denali, © Judge Chuck Edelstein
Chuck Edelstein began to explore his passion for photography in the 1960s, when he decided to pick up a camera and start documenting his growing children.
Honeybee,  © Michael Durham / Minden Pictures
Keeping the world abuzz and blooming is crucial 
to biodiversity and our own food supply
Polar bears, © Joan Cambray
Polar bears struggle to adapt to the new normal
Gray wolf, © Michael Quinton, National Geographic Stock
As Idaho ramps up its killing of wolves, is there a valuable lesson to be learned from the Nez Perce?
Manatee, © Christina R Celano
Defenders of Wildlife’s 2014 Photo Contest Winners
State’s aggressive tactics undermine species’ restoration
Florida Panther (captive), © Joel Sartore
America’s rich wildlife heritage exists today, thanks—in no small way—to the ESA
America’s rich wildlife heritage exists today, thanks—in no small way—to the ESA
Some of Pam Hartman’s earliest childhood recollections involve running around with a Kodak Brownie camera in her hand. Her lifelong passion for photography paid off when this photo of a mother polar bear and cubs garnered more than 12,000 online votes in Defenders’ annual photo contest.