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Bison Gain Ground in Montana

March 19, 2012:  61 genetically pure bison were relocated from a quarantine facility outside Yellowstone National Park to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in eastern Montana.

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Bison Return to Fort Belknap

August 23, 2013: 34 bison are relocated from Fort Peck to Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in eastern Montana to start a second wild, tribally-managed herd. 

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Bison, © Walter Novak
Take Action
Montanans want wild bison in the state, but some local politicians are pushing hard to block wild bison restoration. They are raising unfounded fears about bison and pushing agendas based on politics, not science. They are accommodating a few special interests and ignoring the majority of Montanans.
How You Can Help
Each year, as wild bison wander beyond the borders of Yellowstone National Park in search of food, Montana livestock officials demand that these iconic animals be rounded up and shipped to slaughter houses to keep them out of Montana and to keep their numbers low.