Wolverine, Kalon Baughan
© Kalon Baughan


Success Stories

Federal Listing

In 2013, after years of advocacy from Defenders and our colleagues and supporters, the USFWS proposed listing of wolverines as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. Our ESA listing efforts also catalyzed important research into the projected effects of climate change on wolverine habitat in the western U.S.

Trapping Restrictions

In 2008, Defenders recommended changes to Montana’s wolverine trapping season—the only one in the United States—to minimize the impacts trapping poses to wolverines. We helped restrict trapping to just five animals per year, and no more than three females, with much of western Montana closed to trapping altogether. While we would rather see no trapping of this imperiled species, our input helped reduce the number of wolverines that can be taken.

Public Outreach and Support of Research

Defenders has worked hard to inform the public about this rare and mysterious carnivore by planning events to show an award-winning wolverine documentary, hosting talks by researchers, engaging citizens in monitoring, and providing science-based information in outreach materials. Public interest and engagement can help protect wolverines! We have also helped fund important research on wolverine ecology and on the effects of winter recreation on wolverines in the West.