Tell Congress to Say NO to Extinction

Brown bear, © Cameron Cook90 percent of American voters support the Endangered Species Act – a bedrock environmental law that has been 99 percent effective at preventing the extinction of listed imperiled wildlife, plants and fish.  

Even in states where media and big polluters and special economic interests have sensationalized listing decisions, falsely pitting species protections against economic development, polling shows overwhelming support among registered voters for the act:

Yet this effective, popular law is currently under the most unrelenting and sweeping attack in 40 years. To date, there have been over 80 legislative measures introduced or proposed in this Congress that would weaken the act and send endangered species down a path towards extinction. 

Ironically, many of these attacks are taking place on legislation that funds the Interior Department and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service – the primary agency tasked with conserving imperiled wildlife under the Endangered Species Act. The House Interior Department spending bill is burdened with a record number of pro-extinction amendments called “riders” that would dramatically weaken or gut the Endangered Species Act and block or remove necessary protections for a long list of imperiled species. These riders have no business being placed in funding legislation and must be removed before a final spending bill is signed into law. 

Our representatives in Congress are supposed to respect the concerns of the people they represent. But these relentless attacks on endangered species only serve Big Oil and other special economic interests, not the American people.

It’s time to tell Congress that voting for the extinction of our nation’s imperiled wildlife is unacceptable.