Victory for Wild Bison in Montana!

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Bison, © Walter Novak

In a decision that the uninitiated would argue is a painful exercise in stating the obvious, a Montana court determined that the wild bison of Yellowstone, an animal that has roamed the continent for millennia, are indeed wild animals. Although this seems a common-sense verdict, the legal distinction is of great value to the future of efforts by Defenders of Wildlife and other conservation organizations to continue to restore bison to their native habitat on the Montana plains.

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Bison, © Walter Novak
Take Action
Montanans want wild bison in the state, but some local politicians are pushing hard to block wild bison restoration. They are raising unfounded fears about bison and pushing agendas based on politics, not science. They are accommodating a few special interests and ignoring the majority of Montanans.
How You Can Help
Each year, as wild bison wander beyond the borders of Yellowstone National Park in search of food, Montana livestock officials demand that these iconic animals be rounded up and shipped to slaughter houses to keep them out of Montana and to keep their numbers low.