Bruce Taylor

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Oregon Biodiversity Program Director
(503) 697-3222

Bruce Taylor, Oregon Biodiversity Program DirectorMost of Bruce’s work for Defenders focuses on partnerships, policy, and funding for biodiversity conservation in Oregon.  He also coordinates Defenders’ legislative agenda in Oregon.  As Defenders’ project manager for the Oregon Biodiversity Project (1993-1999), Bruce coordinated a collaborative effort to develop a statewide biodiversity conservation strategy and was the principal writer for the project’s major publication, Oregon's Living Landscape. Bruce has been involved in Defenders’ habitat conservation efforts in Oregon since 1992.  Prior to that, he worked for nearly a decade as a congressional aide in northern California and Washington DC. He is also executive director for the Oregon Habitat Joint Venture, a coalition of groups and agencies working to protect and restore important habitats for birds and other wildlife statewide.

He started his career as a newspaper reporter and has a degree in journalism from Humboldt State University.

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