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Sonoran Pronghorn

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Defenders co-sponsored a Population Viability Analysis for the Sonoran pronghorn and has worked to compel wildlife and land management agencies to adopt a comprehensive, ecosystem-based approach to pronghorn management across multiple jurisdictions.  Specific actions included removing illegal fencing on federal lands, which can entangle pronghorn, and limiting “ephemeral grazing” by livestock which reduces the amount of forage available for pronghorn and other native wildlife.  

Following a Defenders’ lawsuit, the U.S. military adjusted its operations on the Barry M. Goldwater Range and Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona—3 million acres of core pronghorn range—by screening for pronghorn and delaying or moving its bombing, artillery and flight maneuvers when pronghorn are present.

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Sonoran Pronghorn,  © Mark Milburn
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With an oblong face and a black nose splotch, the Sonoran pronghorn stands out against the cacti-strewn landscape of the American Southwest.