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Sea Otter

Sea Otter Educational Trunk

Are you a teacher or youth group leader looking to explore sea otter biology and conservation with your class? Defenders of Wildlife has a sea otter trunk that will help you do just that. While the trunk can be used for all ages, it comes with a sea otter teaching unit* suitable for 4th and 5th grade students. The goal of this unit is to educate children about the biology and ecological significance of sea otters through lessons in history, evolution, behavior, and conservation. This is achieved through reading materials, writing exercises, web searches, problem solving, a quiz, and maps. A Spanish version is also available upon request.

The trunk comes with a sea otter puppet, a starfish, an abalone, front and hind track molds, a replica skull, seven helpful books and guides, the DVD “Precipice of Survival: The Southern Sea Otter,” and a laminated poster.

If you are interested in reserving the sea otter trunk, please contact the Defenders of Wildlife California office at (916)313-5800. A refundable deposit is required.

*The sea otter teaching unit is aligned to California, Oregon, and Washington state educational standards. It is formatted on CD-ROM.

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