Renewable Energy

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Shaping National and State Policies >>
We are a leader in working with federal and state agencies to develop strategies and management plans for promoting environmentally responsible renewable energy development.

Protecting Wildlife from Harmful Projects >>
We have worked with many solar energy developers to reduce the potential impacts to wildlife and wild lands of some large-scale solar projects. Our efforts have helped move forward  the permitting of some 2,595 megawatts on public lands in California alone.

Partnering for Success >>
Renewable energy development affects many different groups with different goals and interests.  We work closely with partners in the conservation community as well as the renewable energy industry to find solutions that work for everyone involved.

Supporting Smart, Clean Energy Development >>
Since 2009, the Department of the Interior has been working towards a goal of permitting 10,000 megawatts of renewable energy generation by the end of 2012 on our public lands and offshore waters. Defenders and our partners have visited all of the potential sites and provided guidance and recommendations to federal and state agencies and developers to help minimize any impacts on wildlife. By participating in the early stages of the planning process, we’ve helped ensure the projects are developed “smart from the start” and helped them move closer to their 10,000-megawatt clean energy goal.


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