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To the State of California Fish and Game Commission for Listing the Western Burrowing Owl as an Endangered Species
A Project of Northwest Ecosystem Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council, Defenders of Wildlife
Proceedings from Defenders of Wildlife's 2002 Carnivore Conference in Monterey, California.
Defenders of Wildlife and the Northwest Ecosystem Alliance hereby petition the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list a distinct population segment of gray wolves as endangered under the Endangered Species Act and the Administrative Procedure Act.
The Marine Mammal Commission, in consultation with its Committee of Scientific Advisors on Marine Mammals, has reviewed the “Report of the Scientific Research Program under the International Dolphin Conservation Program Act,” prepared by the National Marine Fisheries Service, and the comments of individual experts on issues pertinent to the question of whether chase and encirclement of dolphins to catch tuna in the eastern tropical Pacific are having a significant adverse impact on any depleted dolphin stock.
Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief
10th Circuit appellees response brief from the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow legal case
US District Court Opinion in the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow legal case
2002 US District Court Order in the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow legal case
Motion for Injunctive Relief in the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow case