Report: Maryland Lower Shore Tidal Marsh Climate Adaptation

A multiple partner landscape-level conservation planning effort to protect the communities, coastal wetlands, and salt marsh birds of Maryland’s Lower Eastern Shore from the impacts of sea-level rise.

Report: Sea-level Rise is for the BirdsDefenders of Wildlife partnered with Audubon Maryland-DC and the Lower Shore Land Trust to establish priorities and strategies for the conservation of the region’s tidal marsh ecosystems. We identified core habitat for marsh birds and marsh migration corridors and produced maps that identify the region’s highest-priority areas for tidal marsh conservation and facilitated adaptation in response to climate change. Our team also developed a set of conservation tools and targeted outreach and communications strategies to reach the audiences that must be engaged to successfully conserve, manage and maintain viable tidal marsh habitat.­ The decision-support tools and maps, combined with the conservation and outreach strategies from this study, can go a long way toward ensuring conservation of the Chesapeake Bay’s iconic marsh landscapes.

Download the final report (20 pp; 52MB)
Download the final technical report (105 pp; 33 MB)
Download GIS models and data (ArcGIS toolbox and supporting data and information; 8 MB - Zip file)