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Asks the Court to reconsider one point in the 54 page order that was issued.
Letter to Gov. Sarah Palin (AK), requesting clarification of intent of legislation that could block Alaskans from voting on aerial wolf hunting.
Letter signed by House of Representatives members urging increased funding for the US Fish and Wildlife Service's endangered species program in FY09.
Decision by the Alaska Superior Court Judge for the Alaska Wolf predator control program case, with judgments on the sustained yield rule in the Alaska constitution, and the authorities the State of Alaska and Alaska Board of Game have in reference to world predator control, and the legality of aerial hunting in a variety of predator control zones.
Press Release regarding the Superior Court Judge's opinion on the Alaska Wolf predator control case.
The State of Alaska Superior Court released a decision that struck down predator control and bounty programs.
Defenders of Wildlife Testimony before the Alaska Board of Game Spring 2008 Meeting - Fairbanks, Alaska on March 3, 2008
A letter from a coalition of groups to request that the Inspector General investigate the action of FWS Director Dale Hall in delaying his legally-mandated Endangered Species Act decision whether to list the polar bear under the ESA.
Defenders' analysis of the harmful impacts on wildlife of the President's FY2009 budget proposal.
Comments by Tom Banks regarding proposals to be considered by the Alaska Board of Game at their March 2008 meeting.