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Defenders' analysis of the harmful impacts on wildlife of the President's FY2009 budget proposal.
A brief initial analysis of the President's FY2009 budget proposal
The Green Budget is a yearly recommendation, developed by the environmental community, for priority funding to support our nation's most important environment and natural resource protection programs.
November 2007 request for action from more than 40 conservationists, educators, scientists, and state and federal agency representatives have worked together for 3 years to identify the actions needed to mitigate the impacts of border security operations.
Details Defenders' principal concerns with the Oct. 16, 2007 agency/stakeholder Review Draft Revised Recovery Plan for the Mojave population of the desert tortoise.
Details Defenders' principal concerns with the proposed CCAA from Sierra Pacific Industries for fisher in the Stirling Management Area in California
For this whitepaper, peer-reviewed literature, technical books, and key reports were scrutinized in order to detect any evidence for a differential ability between public and public lands to protect imperiled species in the United States.
Top 10 tips on how to avoid wildlife-vehicle collisions
Poster celebrating Wolf Awareness Week 2007, featuring painting entitled, Red Wolf Refuge, by Elise M. Hammond
Border-wide map of walls authorized by the Secure Fence Act. Map includes information about species and state, federal and private lands affected.