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Comments by Tom Banks regarding proposals to be considered by the Alaska Board of Game at their March 2008 meeting.
Defenders of Wildlife's comments on the proposed Montana wolf hunting season.
Testimony by Defenders of Wildlife's Tom Banks before the Alaska State Legislature House Resources Committee regarding Active Game Management / Airborne Hunting in House Bill 256.
Introduced in the final days of the 2007 legislative session and at Governor Palin's request, House Bill 256 would further erode the state's Intensive Management law by eliminating the few remaining standards governing predator control.
Defenders of Wildlife appreciates the opportunity to submit these written comments on proposals that will be considered at the January 2008 meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.
Testimonials from Alaskan hunters against aerial hunting of wolves.
Proposed Montana wolf hunting regulations from the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission.
November 2007 request for action from more than 40 conservationists, educators, scientists, and state and federal agency representatives have worked together for 3 years to identify the actions needed to mitigate the impacts of border security operations.
Gray wolf management plan from the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission.