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A 4-page fact sheet about faster, cheaper, and better solutions to high energy prices.
Answers to frequently asked questions about energy.
There are over 5600 offshore oil and gas platforms in the United States and over 27,000 miles of pipelines in the areas of the Gulf of Mexico already open to drilling. These major industrial facilities have tremendous impacts on the ocean floor, water and air quality, and fragile marine ecosystems.
The answers to the most common questions about sea otters.
Fact sheet about how we can address high gas prices without drilling in places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Get the facts on the threats facing cutthroat trout on public lands.
Your Lands, Your Wildlife Campaign Overview
Statistics showing the outdoor recreation industry's impact on the economy
Full Page Ad in Congress Daily: Last year, the world's top five oil companies made more than $120 billion in profits. Don't buy Big Oil's lies. Don't give away our children’s future and let Big Oil get fat at our expense.
Full Page Ad in Congress Daily: Offshore Drilling for oil in America’s precious natural areas will NOT lower gas prices. But Big Oil's profits will skyrocket even higher.