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This paper by Defenders' director of international conservation, Peter T. Jenkins, assesses the role of international law, particularly the World Trade Organization's Sanitary and Phytosanitary Agreement, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the World Organization for Animal Health, as a backdrop to the needed U.S. import policy reforms.
This is an unprecedented examination of the low level of protection given by the lax U.S. system for the risks that non-native animal species pose to our environment and to public health. This report provides the foundation for the Program's continued advocacy, in both U.S. and international forums, for applying stronger protective measures to the massive global live animal trade.
This lists each of the source countries for U.S. imports.
This paper by Defenders' natural resource economist, Timm Kroeger, Ph.D., covers the economic impacts of the live wild animal import trade and how to account for them.
This is the full March 2007 Consultant’s Report by the IUCN ISSG to Defenders describing the GRIS database search with respect to animal imports into the U.S.
This is an alphabetized master list of all the non-native species.
These are the non-native species identified in the LEMIS records to the species level, arranged by major taxonomic group.
These are genus records for imports that lacked identification to the species level. They do not duplicate genera included on the above species lists; the genera may include both U.S. native and non-native species.
Factsheet on the Illegal Parrot Trade in Mexico