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Legal complaint re: rules to reclassify and remove gray wolves from the endangered species list.
Presented by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Forestry.
This report explores the role of Oregon's land use planning system in protecting habitat for native fish and wildlife, with focus on the Willamette Valley, where Oregon's growth pressures are strongest.
This report explores the scientific basis for active management techniques such as thinning and prescribed fire in low-elevation dry forests. Written by Rick Brown.
Describes the development of the Oregon Biodiversity Project and its products. Written by Wendy Hudson and Sara Vickerman. Published in 1998.
An exhaustive look at Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) and other conservation plans and analyzes their strengths and weaknesses. This report offers science-based recommendations for improving conservation planning.
The report analyzes a wide range of options for improving stewardship across the landscape, including private and working lands, in Oregon. Written by Sara Vickerman. Published in 1998.