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Letter from Defenders President urging a ban on the use of the deadly carbofuran toxin that is killing lions in Africa.
The sperm whale is the most abundant large whale residing year-round in the Gulf of Mexico - one of the busiest, most industrialized bodies of water in the world. In addition to the hazards posed by shipping traffic, commercial fishing and fossil-fuel exploration and extraction, sperm whales in the Gulf are faced with a new threat: oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster.
The Role of Trade In the Amphibian Crisis - A summary of symposium proceedings.
Petition: To List All Live Amphibians in Trade as Injurious Unless Free of Batrachochytridium dendrobatidis
Petition: To Adopt a New Regulation to Ensure Live Amphibians in Trade are Free of Batrachochytridium dendrobatidis
Brochure outlining the dire effects invasive species are having in our ecosystems and urging support for HR669.
Fact sheet about the immediate need for regulation and control over the collection and trade of amphibians before over-exploitation drives them to extinction.
Green Sea Turtle, Photo: NOAA
Complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief to halt violations of ESA related to the take of sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico bottom-set longline fishery.
One-page description of the Great Cats and Rare Canids Act with species listed.
Comments on the need for Emergency Rulemaking to address the take of sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico bottom-set longline fishery