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Poster celebrating Wolf Awareness Week 2007, featuring painting entitled, Red Wolf Refuge, by Elise M. Hammond
Beautiful full color poster of a bison herd.
Draft wolf population management plan from the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.
A brief publication on the past, present and future of wolves in America.
Ten years after the passage of sweeping legislation intended to address these issues, national wildlife refuges continue to struggle with problems that threaten their ability to meet their wildlife-first mission. Refuges at Risk 2007 covers America's 10 most endangered national wildlife refuges.
Montana's Hailstone National Wildlife Refuge is one of the 10 refuges identified as being at risk in the 2007 Refuges at Risk report.
Case Study 13: The Columbia Land Trust is working to restore oak woodlands on two properties: a "mosaic" thinning project on a 580-acre property and one to reduce conifer encroachment on a 300-acre property.
Case Study 14: To restore and conserve over 1,000 acres at the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers, return agricultural land to forests, grasslands and wetlands, and provide native vegetation for fish and wildlife habitat.
This is an unprecedented examination of the low level of protection given by the lax U.S. system for the risks that non-native animal species pose to our environment and to public health. This report provides the foundation for the Program's continued advocacy, in both U.S. and international forums, for applying stronger protective measures to the massive global live animal trade.
FY2008 Land and Water Conservation Fund report from Defenders of Wildlife