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Letter signed by House of Representatives members urging increased funding for the US Fish and Wildlife Service's endangered species program in FY09.
The map represents non-lethal preventive solutions to conflicts between grizzly bears and people in this region.
These maps show the areas proposed for Critical Habitat designation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Maine, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington State.
12 month finding by the US Fish and Wildlife Service on a petition to list the North American wolverine as endangered or threatened.
Letter to Secretary of the Interior and USFWS giving a 60-day notice of violations of the Endangered Species Act in designating the Northern Rocky Mountain population of the gray wolf as a distinct population segment and removing that distinct population segment from the federal list of endangered and threatened wildlife.
USFWs: Final Rule on Northern Rockies Wolf Delisting February 2008
Defenders' analysis of the harmful impacts on wildlife of the President's FY2009 budget proposal.
The map highlights major non-lethal proactive projects addressing conflicts between wolves and humans in the Northern Rockies. The map depicts projects that took place from 1999 through November 2007.
Defenders of Wildlife's comments on the proposed Montana wolf hunting season.
A brief initial analysis of the President's FY2009 budget proposal