Defenders of Wildlife produces many reports, fact sheets, tip sheets and other types of publications.

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A now-missing predator was regarded highly by California's original human inhabitants
In a "virtual conference" Defenders asked family farm leaders around the country how to improve agriculture policy
This report explores the role of Oregon's land use planning system in protecting habitat for native fish and wildlife, with focus on the Willamette Valley, where Oregon's growth pressures are strongest.
A CARE coalition report on the national wildlife refuge system funding crisis profiling 12 refuges
Environmental coalition letter on the Southern Sea Otter Management Zone and Translocation Program with the purpose of filing a notice of intent to sue.
USFWS brochure about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Discusses species survival plans
Report from the Population and Habitat Viability Analysis Workshop in August 2000
As of November 1999, thirty-six states out of fifty have forest land management laws regulating all aspects of forest and timber resources and products derived from these resources.