Defenders of Wildlife produces many reports, fact sheets, tip sheets and other types of publications.

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The City of Ann Arbor’s (MI) Natural Area Preservation Division’s stewardship plan for the Bird Hills Nature Area. This plan details biotic communities as well as wildlife. It also reviews the conservation goals and strategies for the property.
he City of Ann Arbor’s (MI) Natural Area Preservation Division’s management plan for the Bird Hills Nature Area. This plan describes management objectives, strategies, outlines the schedule and prioritizes actions.
This report explores the scientific basis for active management techniques such as thinning and prescribed fire in low-elevation dry forests. Written by Rick Brown.
Friends of the Sea Otter Comment Letter on the Southern Sea Otter Draft Revised Recovery Plan (dated April 10, 2000).
Comment letter on the Marine Mammal Commission's draft Action Plan to Promote Recovery of and Identify the Optimal Conservation Strategy for the California Sea Otter Population (dated March 1, 2000).
Five years after the listing of the silvery minnow under the ESA, water managers and users still failed to comply with the law by mitigating adverse impacts to fish and wildlife.
Through refuge planning you have an unprecedented opportunity to improve your refuge, the Refuge System and the conservation of biodiversity in America. This handbook is your guide to making the most of this opportunity.
Summit proceedings. This report examines specific incentive options that could be implemented to help private landowners and state agencies improve their stewardship of the land and its natural resources, and to examine new systems for implementing incentive programs more effectively over time. Written by Sara Vickerman. Published in 1999.