Defenders of Wildlife produces many reports, fact sheets, tip sheets and other types of publications.

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Letter from over 14 environmental and consumer groups wishing to add their voices to the growing list of industries and labor groups -- and well over one million Americans -- who are urging Congress to take action to rein in oil speculators.
Notice of intent to sue, filed by a coalition of 10 conservation groups to challenge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's decision to deny wolverines endangered species protection under the ESA.
Transportation Enhancements is a sadly underutilized program that could provide as much as $61 million per year for restoring wildlife habitat connectivity and reducing wildlife vehicle collisions.
Complaint challenging the FWS April 2007 Bison and Elk Management Plan for the National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, WY.
Letter signed by over 170 organizations in support of the provisions in the Climate Security Act that address global warming's impact on wildlife and the natural resources base that sustains healthy human communities.
Map shows payments to ranchers in the northern Continental Divide Ecosystem through the Bailey Wildlife Foundation Grizzly Compensation Trust.
Map shows payments to ranchers in the tri-state region (ID, MT, WY) through the Bailey Wildlife Foundation Grizzly Compensation Trust.
A CARE coalition report documenting the serious funding shortfalls facing the Refuge System and recommends future funding to enable the Refuge System to accomplish its wildlife conservation mission.
Map showing payments to ranchers in the northern Rockies from Bailey Wildlife Foundation Wolf Compensation Trust.
Defenders, together with a number of other groups, comments on Idaho's 2008 proposed wolf hunting plan.