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Your Lands, Your Wildlife Campaign Overview
Statistics showing the outdoor recreation industry's impact on the economy
Get the facts on the threats facing cutthroat trout on public lands.
Get the facts on the threats facing grassland birds, including the threats they face on public lands.
Paper discussing the social and ecological benefits associated with restored wolf populations
Full Page Ad in Congress Daily: Last year, the world's top five oil companies made more than $120 billion in profits. Don't buy Big Oil's lies. Don't give away our children’s future and let Big Oil get fat at our expense.
A fact sheet about the dangers of delisting Northern Rockies and Greater Yellowstone area gray wolves from the endangered species list.
Full Page Ad in Congress Daily: Offshore Drilling for oil in America’s precious natural areas will NOT lower gas prices. But Big Oil's profits will skyrocket even higher.
Montana is criscrossed with thousands of miles of fences, which divide ranches and outline property boundaries throughout the state. These fences can be a barrier to wildlife, from large mammals to birds, causing avoidable injuries and fatalities. Landowners are also forced to devote significant amounts of time and energy to repairing animal damage to their fences. This guide serves as a tool for landowners to minimize fence-related wildlife fatalities and the resulting costs to landowners.
Letter from over 14 environmental and consumer groups wishing to add their voices to the growing list of industries and labor groups -- and well over one million Americans -- who are urging Congress to take action to rein in oil speculators.