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A brief initial analysis of the President's FY2009 budget proposal
The Green Budget is a yearly recommendation, developed by the environmental community, for priority funding to support our nation's most important environment and natural resource protection programs.
Testimony by Defenders of Wildlife's Tom Banks before the Alaska State Legislature House Resources Committee regarding Active Game Management / Airborne Hunting in House Bill 256.
Introduced in the final days of the 2007 legislative session and at Governor Palin's request, House Bill 256 would further erode the state's Intensive Management law by eliminating the few remaining standards governing predator control.
Defenders of Wildlife appreciates the opportunity to submit these written comments on proposals that will be considered at the January 2008 meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.
Testimonials from Alaskan hunters against aerial hunting of wolves.
Senator Lieberman joined 25 Senate colleagues in introducing legislation that would designate the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge as Wilderness. Wilderness designation would permanently protect the Refuge, placing it off limits to oil and gas development while continuing to allow vital subsistence uses.
For this whitepaper, peer-reviewed literature, technical books, and key reports were scrutinized in order to detect any evidence for a differential ability between public and public lands to protect imperiled species in the United States.
Top 10 tips on how to avoid wildlife-vehicle collisions
Poster celebrating Wolf Awareness Week 2007, featuring painting entitled, Red Wolf Refuge, by Elise M. Hammond