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Millions of fish, corals and other creatures are harvested each year for the wildlife trade, with grave impacts on coral reefs.
Report on how climate change should affect CITES listing and decision-making.
This report details current legislative attacks on America’s imperiled plants and animals and assesses how each one would eviscerate wildlife conservation efforts.
Money Flies: The Economic Value of Birdwatching Ecotourism. This report details the economic boon that birdwatching provides in Mexico.
This report is the first comprehensive study of the frog leg market ever conducted and reveals an industry rife with serious environmental consequences. Billions of frogs are harvested each year for human consumption, which has led to the decline of many wild frog populations and has put many amphibians at risk from the spread of disease and invasive species.
Appendix A provides trade data referenced in ESA petition.
Executive summary for the petition to list the African Lion as Endangered
Learn more about the petition to list African lions under the Endangered Species Act.
Appendix B provides trade data referenced in ESA petition.