Protecting Imperiled Species

Defending Conservation Laws

Defending Conservation Laws

Despite its success and overwhelming bipartisan support from the American people, the ESA has come under repeated attacks. Unrelenting pressure from some commercial and political interests continue to threaten this vital Act, concocting legal and legislative attacks to weaken or override it, or slash its funding to a point where it can no longer function. In today's world, where more species than ever need the protections of the ESA, this tool for wildlife conservation must be kept strong enough to continue preventing extinctions and putting imperiled species back on the road to recovery.

Defenders educates legislators and their staff about the value of protecting endangered species, helping them understand the importance of supporting endangered species programs and keeping the ESA strong. Our team on Capitol Hill relentlessly advocates to protect and increase federal funding for the ESA and oppose all legislative attacks that would weaken the law.

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