Statement on Passage of Interior Appropriations Bill

Rodger Schlickeisen President, Defenders of Wildlife

(10/21/1999) - “It’s sad day for the environment and the democratic process when the U.S. House of Representatives passes a bill that uses the appropriations process not only to deny future generations the land and water legacy that they deserve but also to undermine the laws that currently protect our wildllife and wildlands. This bill is veto-bait – loaded with riders to allow extensive dumping of toxic mining waste on public lands, allow grazing on public lands without appropriate environmental review, deny funds for grizzly reintroduction, allow logging without adequate wildlife surveys, and permit many other assaults on the environment. The bill also provides less than a third of what the President requested for Lands Legacy, despite bipartisan support for expanded Land and Water Conservation Fund programs and funding. Every major environmental group opposes this bill; we urge the President to veto it and keep sending it back to Capitol Hill until Congress gets it right."



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