Senate Authorizes Road in Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

(10/01/1998) - Statement by Robert Dewey, Habitat Director for Defenders of Wildlife, on Senate approval of S. 1092, legislation authorizing a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

The Senate today approved legislation that would authorize for the first time the buidling of a new road through a congressionally designated wilderness area -- Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. If enacted, this legislation (S. 1092) would establish a dangerous precedent that must not be allowed. In approving S. 1092, the Senate has taken another step in establishing this as the most anti-environmental Congress ever.

Maintaining the integrity of the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is of great importance to all Americans. Defenders of Wildlife takes comfort in the steadfast resolve of the Clinton Administration to veto this legislation. This continued resolve was demonstrated once again by the administration's statement issued today.

We are also encouraged by those senators who supported saving the Izembek Refuge and wilderness. Their support suggests that the Senate would likely sustain a presidential veto of this environmentally damaging and unnecessary legislation.

With scores of anti-environmental bills and provisions still awaiting legislative action, and with the House expected to vote soon on a new, sweeping threat, the so-called Omnibus Parks Bill, this Congress could easily prove to be the most anti-environmental in U.S. history.



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