Details on Anti-Environmental Riders in Omnibus "MONSTROSITY" Appropriations Package

(10/23/1998) - Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) likened the omnibus appropriations bill to "a Frankenstein creature. . . that has been patched together with old body parts that don't quite fit...only God knows what's in this monstrosity."

Defenders of Wildlife has pored through the almost 4,000 pages of the omnibus bill and other FY 99 appropriations bills and compiled an updated list in consultation with the conservation community of 56 provisions and their final status. Of these provisions, 43 remain environmentally objectionable, and 13 have been deleted or changed satisfactorily.

Rodger Schlickeisen, President of Defenders of Wildlife, said, "Despite Administration victories eliminating some of the most destructive provisions, this Congress has waged so many battles against nature that the environment is still a big net loser. When you add other anti-environmental measures to the objectionable appropriations riders, this Congress has passed more anti-environmental legislation than any Congress in history."

The list is available at Defenders of Wildlife and spokespersons are available for comment.



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