Defenders Of Wildlife Lauds FWS Mexican Wolf Rule

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(05/01/1996) - Defenders of Wildlife, the national nonprofit citizens' group leading efforts to restore wolves, lauded the proposed rule issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today on reintroduction of the Mexican wolf to its historic habitat in the southwestern United States.

Craig Miller, Southwest Representative of Defenders, said that, "The Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed a fair and balanced rule that addresses all of the legitimate concerns of landowners without compromising recovery of the Mexican wolf, the most endangered wolf in the world. Today's action brings us a step closer to the day when El Lobo returns to the wilds of the Southwest."



Joan Moody, 202-682-9400 x220 (Media)
Bob Ferris, 202-682-9400 x229 (Conservation)
Craig Miller, 520-578-9334 (S.West)

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