Congressional Leaders Warn That Young-Pombo Bill Proposes Radical Reversal

Featuring Reps. Miller & Vento and a Bald Eagle:

(10/09/1995) - Breakfast Briefing, Wednesday, October 11, 9:30-10:30 a.m.
2451 Rayburn House Office Building
Hosted by Hon. Bruce Vento, Defenders of Wildlife\Endangered Species Coalition
Credentialed media only, RSVP to J.Moody, 202-682-9400 x220

With markup of anti-environmental legislation introduced by Representatives Don Young (R-AK) and Richard Pombo (R-CA) scheduled for this Thursday, leading experts from Congress and the Endangered Species Coalition will hold a breakfast briefing tomorrow, Wednesday, October 11 to preview the legislation for the media. They will describe how the Young-Pombo bill (H.R. 2275) would dismantle the Endangered Species Act and the political context in which big business interests are proposing a radical reversal of two decades of endangered species protection. Also present will be "Skylar" from the Wildlife Center of Virginia, a bald eagle representing not only our national symbol but all threatened and endangered species affected by the legislation.

INTRODUCTIONS: Rodger Schlickeisen, Defenders of Wildlife
OVERVIEW OF YOUNG-POMBO BILL: Heather Weiner, Defenders of Wildlife
introducing Hon. Jim Jontz, Endangered Species Coalition.


Michael Bean, Environmental Defense Fund--impacts on science
John Kostyack, National Wildlife Federation--conservation objectives and recovery
Liz Raisbeck, National Audubon Society--distinct population segments
John Leary, Sierra Club--impacts on Sweet Home--Supreme Court definition of "harm" to species
Bill Snape, Defenders of Wildlife--compensation & economic incentives
Jim Waltman, The Wilderness Society--public lands and consultation
Debbie Crouse, Center for Marine Conservation--marine impacts Allen Rutberg, Humane Society of the U.S.--animal welfare & captive breeding
Chris Williams, World Wildlife Fund--CITES and other international impacts
Mary Wells, U.S. Public Interest Research Group--PAC Contributions


Suellen Lowry, Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund--summary of overall impacts
Ed Clark, Wildlife Center of Virginia--perspective on Young-Pombo bill's effects on bald eagles and other species



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