Defenders in the Northwest
Sage-Grouse, Photo: USFWS Pacific Southwest Region

Marketplace for Nature

Defenders of Wildlife created the Marketplace for Nature portal in the Conservation Registry to highlight those projects where ecosystem services have been quantified or offered for sale. The portal links to habitat measurement tools that are necessary for reporting and/or selling ecological resources that are not currently regulated, with an emphasis on priority habitats at risk. Partnerships with diverse groups of resource professionals and market leaders create a unique new model for conserving priority fish, wildlife, and habitat.

How We're Helping

The Marketplace for Nature features projects affecting multiple environmental issues, such as habitat / biodiversity, endangered species, wetlands, carbon and air quality, water quality and quantity, fire risk, and soil conservation.

The portal:

  • Helps buyers and sellers of credits to find one another through the Marketplace for Nature portal
  • Helps people learn how to benefit from these new conservation tools by providing links to additional resources Links to additional resources for more information about these new conservation tools
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