Defenders in the Northwest
Sage-Grouse, Photo: USFWS Pacific Southwest Region

Conservation Registry

Defenders of Wildlife' Conservation Registry is a simple and attractive online project mapping tool and database that displays conservation projects across the landscape. It features 100,000 projects and spans all 50 states. Users include land trusts, landowners, resource agencies, funders—anyone planning, working, or concerned with on-the-ground conservation and restoration projects.

Types of Projects in the Registry

  • On-the-ground restoration and management actions, including habitat improvements, species reintroduction, and invasive species removal
  • Actions that enhance land status, such as land acquisitions and conservation easements
  • Habitat and wildlife monitoring, policy, education and research activities tied to a location

How We're Helping

Defenders created the Conservation Registry in 2008. Since then, dozens of partners have joined the project to help share valuable information about conservation work being done across the country.

The Registry:

  • Provides context for and measures the effectiveness of conservation work
  • Informs and encourages collaboration with other conservation efforts in priority areas
  • Offers a free project planning and visualization tool for organizations that can’t afford to create their own
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