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What We’re Doing to Help

Defenders is working with public land agencies like the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), National Park Service, the federal and state wildlife agencies, military officials, conservation organizations, scientists,  and local officials  to plan, implement and enforce on-the-ground conservation efforts. We are providing our expertise to officials as they prepare the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan and the Desert Tortoise Recovery Implementation Plans, and we are helping the Department of Interior (DOI) to implement the Solar Energy Programmatic Development Plan. 

In addition, Defenders is working to eliminate use of all unlicensed off-road vehicles on public land outside of designated off-road vehicle Open Areas in the Mojave region, and we are working to convince the BLM and National Park Service to eliminate livestock grazing and grazing allotments within occupied desert bighorn sheep ranges. Our California Program and renewable energy teams are also actively involved in the permitting and monitoring of the individual solar, wind and geothermal energy developments in the California desert, making sure that these projects are placed in areas and conducted in ways that minimize impacts to wildlife.